• Celebrate individuality this Thanksgiving with this beautiful dinner set for 5, each place setting unique, a total of 15 pieces

• The Staffordshire potters created all white undecorated collections for the American market back in the 1840s, a time when Europe favored highly decorated pieces; these unfussy, unpretentious collections have been popular in the United States for more than two centuries; the different shades and details of the unadorned porcelain and stoneware make these pieces truly special

• The set is created  from some of the most  recognized and respected Staffordshire potters, including Wedgwood, Spode, Meakin and Grindley and highlighting the shapes and details they are known for 

• Additional place settings are available; also if you would like a custom set in larger or smaller numbers, please contact us at standennyc.com

• We currently have 2 sets available

Pale Harvest Dinner Sets for 5

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$296.80Sale Price