• Vintage Madeira linen organdy 4 piece set

• Epitomizes casual refinement

• Exquisite workmanship, hand-embroidered and applique, 3-D padded satin stitch in white floss, blossoms and leaves, contrast white rippling applique borders

• Placemats each 11" x 16"

• Napkins 14" x 14"

• Vintage, loved, posessing character and charm

• Set includes 2 placemats and 2 napkins and 

• Must be handled with love and care, delicate handwash and air dry


• Laundered, ready for you to use

• Note there is a tablecloth and napkin set that can work with this, if you need to seat up to 16 guests

L'Heure Bleue Placemat, Napkins Set for 2