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•  Classic large rectangular Italian  crisp white linen tablecloth she's a beauty ! 

• This type of tablecloth was probably intended as a bridal trouseau, it is expertly hand made and embroidered in satin stitch with scrollwork border and venetian drawn work, finished with a hand done border and corners.

• Medium weight 100% flax linen 

• Measuring 104" x 62"  (264cm x 157cm)

•  Condition is excellent, minor wear has been professionally laundered ready for your table . 

•  Machine wash warm, air dry or tumble on low, remove while still damp, steam iron  on  linen setting recommended to keep your linens in their finest condition.


This type of tablecloth is seasonless perfect for all of your parties or Sunday lunch, pair with our white "trousseau" linen dinner  napkins


Antique Italian CrispWhite Large Hand Embroidered Linen Tablecloth

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