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The Tiny Mediterranean Town Famous For Its Centuries-Old Embroidery Traditions

When I found this incredibly beautiful embroidered linen set, I had never seen anything quite like it and I knew right away it was something very special. The linen fabric itself was an amazing natural undyed beige color and very good quality, but it was the simple yet superbly intricate white hand embroidery that spoke to me ! The geometric designs and the density of the stitch work in graphic arrow-like zig zag patterns, not to mention the hem work on all of the napkins, made it appear both antique but also modern.

I thought maybe it was Italian reticello work or perhaps Greek.....I went through all of my embroidery books but no luck, I then took to pinterest and thats where I discovered the incredible story of Lefkara Lace Linens made in the tiny village of Lefkara, Cyprus. The ancient patterns of these designs date back to the fourteenth century and have been handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter for centuries. These beautiful linens are embroidered on sunny afternoons. Some are so incredibly intricate that they take months to make, and I learned a large tablecloth set like the one I had found was usually created as part of a dowry for a bride to be and could take up to 2 years to complete. And here it was apparently unused and waiting for a new life.

So I decided to make a Spring tablescape for a very special gathering of friends or family and chose some beautiful simple antique scallop edge English plates, some vintage Swedish etched glassware and placed simple narcissus and hyacinths in my collection of old crystal perfume bottles.

I hope it inspires you ! New life to beautiful objects and sustainable too, susanx .Visit us @

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