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Vintage Valentine Tablescape

As most of us will be being good and spending our Valentines Day at home, why not make it a little special, if you set a cute table you won't feel as guilty about spending your day in pajamas ! I made this tablescape for lockdown lovers or a family brunch whether it's homemade or ordered in.

Start with a pale pink vintage embroidered linen set, a beautiful tablecloth instantly turns your table into a party and matching sets just are just so perfect, they really are a game changer, I find placemats may be practical but they can look cold and minimal and I'm over that and into a more tactile thing, this set is perfect for Valentines but will also work for anything Springy, a baby shower remember those , hopefully they'll be back soon, not to mention the sustainable aspect.

Then I added some vintage Wedgwood plates that have a lovely shape and simple flatware from Cutipol, for the glassware chose some antique opalescent swirl tumblers and some etched wine glasses which have a lovely subtle shimmer to them.

For the flowers I chose some simple pinky green tea roses from my local here in NYC, they always amaze me with their selection and great prices I cut them short and placed them in 3 vintage cranberry glass tumblers, I love the casualness of using tumblers they are a great height, I just placed them in an uneven line down the centre, and that's pretty much it. ( I kept the flowers cute and simple so as not to compete with any long stemmed red roses any of us may be lucky enough to receive ! )

One last tip I never iron vintage linens until just before I use them.


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